Saturday, November 10, 2012

More carpet, landscaping, and my office

During the past week, workers have again been very busy at work on our house. Before we left town for our bike tour in Tucson, we saw carpet being laid in the loft and on the two sets of stairs.

Here the installer is working in the loft above the dining room. Below another worker is in the garage, cutting carpet strips to go on the stairs to the loft, 

while two others do the installing in the second photo.

 On Tuesday we had a long session with our landscaper, Greg Denzin, going over the landscape plan and the many plants he presented for possible siting in our front yard. 

He said that he was intentionally showing us the high end of plantings that he would propose. We had to tell him that our budget would not permit all of them, and that we would have to start small with the infrastructure and some plants, and then add more plants.later as needed and feasible.

Finally, here is a picture of my office and its present furniture, as described in my last post, no. 32:

It's a smaller post this week, but I'm sure there will be more pictures to take and more news to report next time, after we return to town. and then the real moving in will begin. Until then . . .   --oc

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