Saturday, December 8, 2012

Moving and driveway work

As promised at the end of my last post two weeks ago, our movers came on Monday, 26 November, and moved the heavy stuff from our temporary residence of ten months into our new home. Below they are using their special equipment to move a heavy, steel chest of drawers into a storage area. That rig allows them to put most of the weight on their shoulders, and it really helped when they moved a big, homemade desk weighing more that twice what this piece weighs.

The heavy stuff included several queen-size mattresses, one of which we put on a new bed we had already had delivered. Here is what the new bedroom suit looks like.

We have slept on this bed since 26 November and eaten most of our meals in our new home since our official moving day, 30 November 2012. We have been thankful, however, for many holiday eating events and generous meals from neighbors, which have kept us from starving to death or eating out even more.

Meanwhile, during that same last week in November, work continued outside on landscaping and the installation of concrete and gravel in the driveway. Here you can look over the wall that connects to the ramp from the back deck and see concrete being poured in the driveway.

Workers are spreading the fresh ready-mix over an apron about 10-12 feet in front of the garage. I'm hoping that it will help keep car tires from tracking in grit and gravel from the driveway.

In the next shot, workers are in the early stages of working the concrete and smoothing out the surface.

Concrete was also poured to form a patio outside the backdoor of the basement and an apron on the part of driveway that is on county right-of-way (20 feet), as seen below.

The concrete slab inside the garage was one of the few things that survived from the fire, but it did not survive unscathed. As the picture shows below with our Cruze, the monster machine that devoured the ruins of our house also left lots of scratches and pits in the garage floor. Next week Certa-Pro Painters will grind down the floor, fill remaining gouges and pits, and refinish the floor with an epoxy paint. They will also put a similar finish on the floor of the basement workshop, which received similar damage during demolition.

Finally, our tile man, John, was working today, putting grout in the joints of our kitchen backsplash. It is formed by white tiles and a stripe of black slate tiles just above the granite countertop.

When he finishes that up next week, one more loose end will be tied up, and soon we'll be able to concentrate on getting settled into our old/new life in our new/old house.

Bye now.  --oc


  1. And we ran out of material right at the front entrance due to the flare at this intersection... it will be an easy fix.rabbit fence