Monday, September 10, 2012

More tile and carpentry

We had a short work week after Labor Day, but still made progress. Our tile men were very busy. In the picture below John is beginning to lay tile in the kitchen. The gadget at the bottom with a red handle is designed to score the tile in a straight line and then break it in two. It makes sawing tile necessary only where there are inside angles.

The second picture is a closeup of the tile, called Florentine Scabos, a kind of Travertine. Mixed in with the large 12X12 tiles are scattered 6X6 squares, which give some variation to the pattern. Within each 6X6 unit is a 4X4 tile with the image of a leaf or seashell fired into it, also to give variation and interest to the floor. The adhesive is called "thin set mortar," and here, where the floor may give a little, the thin set has a little latex mixed into it to give it a little flexibility and keep the tiles from cracking when walked on.

This past week John and his associate Herb also added tile to the oak floor in the living room to create a fireproof hearth to go under the woodstove and into the wood storage area.

This tile is called Espresso, although it looks more like capuccino. Whatever the flavor, it should go well with the surrounding oak flooring, once it is sanded and covered with a clear finish. The same tile has also been put in the front entry way (below) and in the area inside the door to the back deck. 

Finally, here are two picture to show that it was not just about tile last week. On the left is a shot of cabinets and bench storage for toys in the loft above the dining room, which looks down on the living room. On the right, one of the painters is putting a clear finish on the paneling in the stairway going down to the basement.

 It's been a busy week - even if a short one - and that, in part, accounts for my blog being a little late in coming out this week. But work continues in many areas, and by next week we may get a sneak peek at our new kitchen cabinets. Have a good week!  --oc


  1. I love the tiles in the living room. The color is just perfect - it complements both the oak floor and stone wall. I think if you tiled the whole living room with that tile, it would look absolutely beautiful. Anyway, I noticed that the design of the tiles you used in each room looks the same. That’s great. It will definitely bring uniformity to the style of your home.

    *Alana Geikie

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