Saturday, September 29, 2012

Porch and deck finished

Friday afternoon workmen finally finished the front porch and the rear deck and ramp, seen below.

They also finished the railings, front and back, as well as the front steps. In the picture below, you will also see our three painters up on the roof, getting everything ready for the outside painting.

Meanwhile, inside John is sanding the wood floor in the living and dining area, in preparation for filling cracks with a latex compound and then applying a clear finish.  

And while he does that, a delivery truck from Sears has brought six appliances that will eventually be installed in the kitchen and laundry room. These are unloaded in the front yard and temporarily put in the master bedroom and kitchen, until the kitchen and laundry room tile floors are finished.

This week we also got door knobs and locks installed all around. We've starting to choose electrical fixtures and additional floor surfaces - i.e. carpets and vinyls for bedrooms and bathrooms, respectively. And we're choosing kitchen and bathroom countertops, while Paul Pringle finishes up the cabinets, which are to be installed during the second week in October.

We're still hoping it will all come together in October. We'll see.  --oc

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