Saturday, October 6, 2012

More stone work and more outside painting

Last weekend we got some much needed rain - 2.5 inches worth. Our painters spent a rainy Monday on the front porch, sheltered from the rain, doing final preparations for outside painting and beginning to paint under the protection of the roof. By the end of the week we could get a good idea of the finished product, with the light gray door and board and batten siding offset by the darker gray trim.

A second picture from the yard shows the overall effect and also finishing touches provided by stonework added to posts supporting the porch. The picture on the right gives a closer and better lit view of the stone. You can even see -  albeit dimly - the small piece of stone column between the steps and the lattice.

The view from the right end of the porch shows a stone column and access to the space under the porch, which may be put to use for storage of some things or - occasionally and temporarily - of dogs.

Although nothing was completed this past week, considerable progress was made not only in painting, but also in carpentry, installation of face plates on switches and receptacles, and in making choices on everything from electrical and plumbing fixtures to grout color for tile areas. In the coming week we expect most of the electrical fixtures to be installed.

We're still waiting for our Paul, our cabinet maker, to finish the kitchen cabinets and build a vanity for the master bathroom, but we've decided to go with a prebuilt cabinet and mirror unit in the guest bathroom. The vanity in the basement survived the fire and has already been installed.

Finally, you see a picture of our almost new Chevy Cruze (over 10,000 miles already!), waiting for the garage to be finished and to get a door and refinished floor. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

In the meantime, take care and have a good week.  --oc

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