Sunday, September 8, 2013

Landscaping (continued)

Dear reader, I must apologize for the appearance of yesterday's post. Either I have forgotten everything I ever learned about blogging with Google, or the program has become very uncooperative - or both. I suspect, however, that it is mostly the latter, since I can't get the program to let me edit yesterday. So, the answer is simply to write another post.

The main purpose here is to bring the blog up to date with some recent photos, like the following:

In these first two pictures, the lilies are still blooming (before the deer learned that they were tasty!), which means that the picture is several weeks old. The water shows that it was just after a rain.

The next two pictures below were taking today from our front porch. The most obvious change is how tall some of the grasses are. And on the left side of the picture is a six-foot tall plant with yellow flowers that one can only describe as a weed of unknown name and origin.

The last picture is a close-up of the unknown plant with yellow blossoms. You can see how much some of the other grasses have grown, behind the yellowwood tree, for example. The plants marked with orange flags indicate that those plants are intentional and not to be removed.

That brings our blog up to date. I'll be back when there is more to report (and I get around to reporting it!).
Take care!  --oc


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