Saturday, June 2, 2012

How it began, and how it continues

My first blog post began with a picture of the remains of our house, but thanks to one of our Kenney Ridge neighbors, Bill Sheehan, we can see what it looked like when the destruction was in progress.

Here we see the garage fully involved - no doubt with the fire feeding in part on our new Chevy Cruze. Then, below, you can see that the fire has reached the loft over the dining room. You can see more of Bill's pictures of the fire and of the scene of destruction the next day by going to the link below. (The red car picture is out of place and a puzzle.)

The fire actually started in the clothes dryer located just to the right of the garage. The dryer had been used the night before to wash our bed linens in preparation for our return. Apparently, lint inside smoldered for 24 hours before igniting the house.
Url for Bill's album:

Finally, I have one more picture for today, showing the basic framing of the new house completed on 14 May and the whole structure dried in. A good deal of progress has been made since this picture, but we'll have to wait till another day to bring you up to date on that.

In the meantime, however, we did a 40-mile bike ride today, and my bed is calling me.
We hope that all is well with you and yours.  --oc

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