Monday, June 4, 2012

More windows and carpentry

We begin to appreciate windows when we see how many it takes to build a house, and how long it takes to get them installed. Necessary holes are cut in the plastic seal - necessary for light every day, sometimes also for ventilation, and in emergencies for escape (or for entry if you get locked out). The carpenters below are making openings in preparation for the installation of window units in two bay windows on the back of the house. The one on the left is for the livingroom bay window and is opposite the one in the diningroom on the front of the house. The one on the right is in the bedroom and is new in this version of the house, a suggestion from our architect, David Matheny.

The door and windows below are for the basement den beneath the livingroom; those are the two rooms that will have woodstoves. The plywood-covered room to the right is the master bath, replacing an  unheated sunroom. The old bath area behind the new will become a walk-in closet.

Above you see the livingroom bay window from the inside beyond the stack of Hardie Board in the foreground. The bedroom bay window is behind the outside door leaning against the wall. Also visible are the cathedral ceiling above and the stairway going up to the loft in the shed dormer. The woodstove will be to the right in this picture. Outside these windows there will eventually be a ten-foot wide deck covered with Trex, a material made from recycled wood, plastic bags, and sawdust.

I noticed today, after a good rain last night, that "dried in" is a relative term. We're looking for our metal roofing material to arrive tomorrow, and soon after that, it should be truly dried in. I'll tell you all about it when it arrives. Until then, take care, and have a good evening.  --oc

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